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Dear Confused: I’m sorry about your mom’s health. We can feel so helpless when we watch a loved one suffer especially when the doctors to whom we look for advice seem to give up. Palliative care and hospice are related in that they both provide comfort care. The difference... Read more →

Many mental health professionals would suggest “detaching with love.” Detaching is a method of setting boundaries to protect yourself by creating emotional distance from the actions of another. According to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, this technique was... Read more →

Dear BG: You are not in any way a bad daughter. In fact, you sound like a smart, loving daughter with insight. You’re intuitive enough to acknowledge that becoming a long-term, full-time caregiver would not work for you. Acceptance of this fact without judgment... Read more →

While menopause just as menstruation can cause real emotional and physical problems for some women, most will weather both natural processes quite well. There is a lot of science surrounding menopause, so updating your physician, or even seeing a specialist if symptoms are troublesome, is important. Read more →

Your loved one will sense that you are angry, tense or frustrated from how you move and the way you assist with dressing, feeding or changing a pad. If you are tense or angry, take a moment alone, out... Read more →

But even the most laid back person is going to feel stressed by the responsibilities of caregiving from time to time. That's normal and to be expected. With some care, people generally bounce back. What caregivers need to watch for is burnout. Read more →

Additionally, we are apt to neglect our own checkups and even ignore symptoms of illness because we don’t have the time or energy to tend to our own health. Exercise and diet often fall by the wayside, as well. Read more →

It took me awhile to accept that my dad, who developed dementia after he had surgery, would never revert to his pre-surgery state. Also, I had to accept that I could not expect to always be able to soothe his fears or bring him out of a time of paranoia. However, I did learn to enjoy the... Read more →

One strong point of almost everyone’s personality, is whether or not independence or safety is of primary importance. Some elders feel better when everything is extra safe, while others would rather take some risk Read more →

Learning to listen to the meaning behind your loved one’s words is vital. For example, when your loved one says... Read more →