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November Appropriate Month for Celebrating Hospice and Palliative Care

MindingoureldersCoverTypepad“I hope we don’t have another funeral this Christmas,” my young son said after we wrapped up Halloween. Hearing my child voice that fear nearly broke my heart, but our family had endured the deaths of two elders during the last two Christmas seasons so why wouldn't he wonder if this year would be the same? Thankfully, that particular year we didn’t have a funeral during the season, though we did have another death at that time the following year. So, when it comes to death during the holidays, I have had some experience. I’ve also learned a lot since then about how hospice can not only make the death process easier and more dignified for the ill person, but how hospice can help support the survivors, even through the following year's holidays.

Continue reading on HealthCentral for more insight into how the celebration of awareness of these great organizations affects us all of the time but, perhaps, especially during this season:

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