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Siblings Who Feel Shut Out of Caregiving

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There’s a great deal of anger in the world of family caregiving over siblings who don’t help care for their aging parents. Very often, it’s the adult child who lives closest to Mom and Dad who ends up assuming the role of primary caregiver, especially in cases where some degree of hands-on care is required. While this may be a logistically sound arrangement, it doesn’t mean this adult child is best suited emotionally, financially or practically for the job. Even the most well-prepared caregiver needs assistance and reinforcements from time to time. If one’s siblings cannot be physically present, they should be able to help financially, with paperwork or in some other remote capacity. They should do something, but they often don’t. Many times, it’s because siblings just don’t want to be bothered. They assume that the brother or sister who’s closest has things under control, and they don’t have a clue about how much time, effort and sacrifice are involved in caregiving.

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