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Thanksgiving Gratitude Is Still Possible Even During COVID


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Dear Carol: My husband of 30 years has been in a nearby care facility for the last nine months due to a disabling stroke. Visiting has been seriously curtailed, of course, so that’s been extra hard on both of us. It’s better now that I can see him if I’m properly isolated at all other times, tested before going in, and wear the required clothing covers, but I’m looking at the holidays with despair. My husband has always adored having the whole family here for holiday meals. This year, because of his stroke we couldn’t have done that, but now with COVID, even our kids and extended families feel that they could infect me if we get together. They are probably right, but I feel so alone. We’ve always stressed Thanksgiving as a time of gratitude, but I’m struggling to find anything to be grateful for this year. I suppose I’m just unloading on you because I need to vent, but if you can help with any suggestions, I’m listening. - OC

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Thank you for this great resource, Jamie! We appreciate it.

A wonderful way to share gratitude, especially while we're all separated, is through SendThanksNow.com. It's a gratitude network to easily help you personally and directly thank whoever you want or need to. You can send a simple text message, add emojis, pictures, gifs, even a video and with the app on iPhone or with Alexa, you can even do it with your voice alone if that helps those troubled with screens or need even easier access.

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