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NewYearelement5-digital-462720-unsplashDear Readers: This is short and sweet - well short anyway. I think most of you will join me in being thrilled to see the last of this year. Many of you have survived more than I have since I have been blessed to avoid losing a family member to COVID-19 and even my work -so far  - remained steady.

While I live in an area that has routine blizzards, we have not had forest fires or hurricanes, so again I am blessed. We didn't even have a summer tornado here, though some nearby communities did.

Still, I have family members and friends who have lived through exceptionally rough times - mostly due to COVID - and for me, well, I'm still grieving the loss of my long-term life partner. Though circumstances related to our children who still need us kept us living in separate cities and prevented us from marrying, we'd had ten years of love to share. for that, I'm grateful. Skip's death was due to the effects of an old service injury and I know that he's finally out of misery, but his passing was/is still exceptionally hard for me to accept. Yet, I believe firmly in letting our loved ones go when their time comes to pass on to a better place. They don't need to be concerned that I can't carry on.

So, yes, good-bye 2020. I've never been much of a partier so these last years I haven't even stayed up to see in the New Year always feeling that it will find its way here without my help. This year, however,  I just might stay up so that I can experience the relief of putting 2020 in our rearview mirror.

Blessings going forward into 2021, my friends! May you all have a year so grand that it makes up for what we've been through.


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