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While I live in an area that has routine blizzards, we have not had forest fires or hurricanes, so again I am blessed. We didn't even have a summer tornado here, though some nearby communities did... Read more →

Dear FM: Your whole family has my heartfelt sympathy. It's understandable that you are all struggling, and you're insightful to see that it's even worse for your dad. Your thoughts that he kept up a good front for your mom as she was dying, and again for the grandchildren over this year's holidays, are likely correct. However, that does make him vulnerable in the aftermath, and yes, suicide is far too common in this age group, which is very scary. Read more →

"Incontinence affects millions of Americans and is very closely linked to diet, since what someone eats and drinks directly affects their bladder. With that said, people may think drinking less water will help them avoid incontinence, but it may actually increase their risk of... Read more →

Balance with food is much like balance with exercise. Try to find a reasonably healthy diet that you can stay with and again, consider this a gift to your body. Read more →

Dear JD: I’m sorry about your mom. She went through so much before she passed, though as she said, end-of-life is often like that. I’m also sad for you as you struggle with your very human feelings... Read more →

There might be other reasons related to incontinence that would make it wise to review medications, as well. According to USPharmacist.com, there are a number of drugs that can cause or exacerbate incontinence. Read more →

It’s Christmas Day: Are You Enjoying It?

...This quote is from literature, not a religious text. However, the Bible does say we should love our neighbor as ourselves. This kind of self-love isn’t meant to be egotistical. Rather, it’s a way of knowing that we, too, have value, and when we respect that value we can be better at loving our neighbor. Read more →

Is it better to leave Dad, who now lives in a memory unit at a wonderful assisted living facility, to your home for the family gathering or should you let him have a quieter Christmas and visit him in his new home - the memory center? Read more →

No matter where we live, I hope that adult children will be alert to signs of loneliness in their elderly loved ones while respecting their independence as much as possible. Being alone and being lonely aren't at all the same, so knowledge of the elder's personality is necessary when care choices are considered. Read more →

If we don’t feel we’ve succeeded, we end up feeling guilty. In many caregivers’ minds, failing to meet expectations is failing, period. It’s time to turn this mindset around. Read more →