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65-Year-Old Man Embarrassed Over Incontinence Due to Prostate Surgery

Urinary Incontinence Relatively Common with Aging Yet Stigma Persists

CoupleRunning_iStock-141948851Social stigma. It’s a problem for people with nearly any condition that places them outside what is viewed as the norm, whether true or not. Incontinence is no different. Even though large numbers of adults have some form of incontinence, there’s still an unfortunate stigma attached to the condition. This is mostly because we think of a lack of bladder and/or fecal control as a problem that ends after infancy. The thinking goes that once we have been “potty trained,” we’ll be in control of these bodily functions for life. If we slip up, we are shamed. Fast forward a few decades. The reality is that a significant number of adults will see some degree of incontinence in their future.

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