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Their yard is in desperate need of attention, so you start taking time away from your family to pitch in each week. Then it’s grocery shopping and rides to doctor’s appointments and then, well, you’re on your way to taking on a second job... Read more →

This angry, difficult woman became easier for the staff to handle. She was friendly, cooperative and generally happy—much like she had been before the dementia-related behaviors and mood swings set in. She was still unable to communicate effectively with her husband... Read more →

Many elders do well in their homes. They graciously accept the help they need, have cleaning people come in, and are even able to throw away the old newspapers that are piling up in the corner. They are content with adding some safety measures and feel cozy with a bit of clutter... Read more →

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this painful situation. In all my years of caring for seniors and interacting with other family caregivers, I’ve learned a great deal from my own experiences and others’ caregiving journeys. Keep in mind that the “right” approach depends... Read more →

Dear HG: While few people have ideal childhoods, most are relatively nourishing or at least not abusive. Tragically, there are also many like you who were abused, and I weep for you in my heart. You’ve done a significant... Read more →

...You may go home from the nursing home where your spouse lives and cry from the loneliness that resides in your heart. Or, if your spouse is still home Read more →

...Do we pick up the slack to keep long-lasting traditions intact, or do we pretend the special day doesn’t exist and let it pass by unobserved? Read more →

When you were a teen, you often took care of your grandma, who was ravaged by Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), while also keeping track of your toddler sister. When you were the joint owner of a four-plex, you did your best to help your tenant/neighbor who struggled with RA... Read more →

Without any solid plans or reprioritizing, things that were once at the forefront of your life, like your job, your friends, and even your relationship with your significant other, can wind up on the back burner. Whether you are brand new to caregiving,,, Read more →

...Victoria had a closet full of sweaters, but that did not matter. She wanted her red one. That red one. Anyone who took anything away from Victoria was a thief in her mind. Read more →