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For some lucky families, having all adult siblings gather around and plan how to take care of Mom and Dad as their parents’ health begins to fail is a great comfort. For other families, things can take a disastrous turn... Read more →

Many of us feel honored to provide care for our aging parents or ill spouses, but this honor can also present serious challenges. Read more →

The responsibility of providing care for an aging or ill loved one is a monumental challenge in its own right. But when a care recipient is domineering about how and when every single task is done, it’s bound to exasperate those who are in charge of their daily care. Read more →

Dear SN: You have my sympathy and understanding. I believe that your situation isn't all that rare. I hear about it often from readers, and it happened to me, as well. My timeframe was similar to yours but... Read more →

This is admirable thinking. However, as years go by and care needs mount, we find ourselves faced with the fact that we can’t raise our families, work our jobs and provide full-time hands-on care year-round. So, with some guilt, we start looking at other options. For some... Read more →

Frustrated family caregivers often struggle to convince aging loved ones to bathe more often. The solution seems simple, but there is often much more to this issue than meets the eye. Read more →

...In all my years of caring for seniors and interacting with other family caregivers, I’ve learned a great deal from my own experiences and others’ caregiving journeys. Keep in mind that the “right” approach depends on a few different factors and will often vary from day to day. Read more →

Some adult children work seamlessly together to find the best care solutions for their aging parents. However, some siblings don’t contribute at all, leaving the heavy lifting, sacrifices, and difficult choices... Read more →

...Should I move in with my elderly parents or should I build an addition onto our house? The list of present and future concerns is extensive. Read more →

It’s important to remember that these negative thoughts are a completely normal reaction to a stressful and sometimes thankless situation. Rather than guilting yourself for how you feel... Read more →