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...Then, there’s the more common issue of constipation. Repeated straining to expel a hard mass of stool stretches and weakens the sphincter which can eventually be weak enough to allow stool to escape without intent. Read more →

I hear you. It’s scary to watch an older person take off on a bike let alone on skis. While accidents happen to young people as well, they are less likely to break bones and if they do, they are far less likely to be permanently disabled or even die from the injury. Your dad makes me think of my... Read more →

You truly have your hands full. Preventing burnout is the right approach because like so many things, backing off once you are completely immersed in them presents even more problems. I hope that you can put a plan in place that will work for the long haul. Here are some strategies that might help: Read more →

Dear GD: I’m sorry about your mom’s situation. Patients being denied physical therapy once they’ve stopped showing improvement has been a frustrating issue for years. It shouldn’t be, given that the problem was resolved through a lawsuit... Read more →

“While it may be overwhelming at first, urinary incontinence is the most common type of incontinence among adults. Other common types of incontinence among adults include urge incontinence when you have a strong impulse Read more →

"Incontinence affects millions of Americans and is very closely linked to diet, since what someone eats and drinks directly affects their bladder. With that said, people may think drinking less water will help them avoid incontinence, but it may actually increase..." Read more →

You have my sympathy. Managing your dad’s illness at home is enough of a challenge without the distraction of incontinence. That's the reality of dementia of any type, though I can give you some suggestions that might help make life easier for you. Read more →

...We all know that your loved one isn't trying to cause problems, but it's still, well, a problem. There are no easy fixes, but there are some things that you can do to ease your workload: Read more →

...Young people would like to see this condition normalized to some extent. We are not less competent just because we need to use incontinence products. Can you please spread the word? – Shining Light on the problem Read more →