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How's Your Brain? BrainGuide by UsAgainstAlzheimer's Provides a Great Tool to Find Out

UsAgainstAlz_BrainGuideImageThere's an exciting new way to see how your brain is doing - or that of a loved one. Yes, finding out more about our brain health can be scary but there's also a chance that you'll be reassured. Whatever the result, if you take an assessment you'll be wiser and have more resources to investigate. Worried about a loved one? The BrainGuide will help you move forward with them, as well.

BrainGuide will guide you to resources and can also sign up for a newsletter if you choose.

From UsAgainstAlzheimers:

· BrainGuide by UsAgainstAlzheimer’s offers tailored resources to help you find the best next steps in your or a loved one’s brain health journey. It can help whether you’re interested in protecting your brain health, you’ve been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or Alzheimer’s or you’re concerned about a family member. BrainGuide is free and easy to access – in English and Spanish – online at and by phone at 855-BRAIN-411. The platform provides automated, confidential memory questionnaires that can be self-administered or taken as a caregiver. Once the questionnaire is complete, BrainGuide offers tailored resources based on the answers provided. Privacy is protected, and responses are not recorded or shared with anyone other than the individual completing the questionnaire. BrainGuide is not intended to diagnose or make treatment recommendations regarding Alzheimer’s or any other disease.

Check it out at! 



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