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’d see him walk by my house when we had snow on the ground and precarious sidewalks and my heart would nearly stop. Did he fall? Yes. Once our mail carrier found him and made sure he got home. Yet... Read more →

What to do? As with most dementia-related challenges, there are no miracles and what works one day may not the next. However, there are some things that you can try. Most of these ideas have stemmed from the fact that general knowledge of what triggers a person with dementia to rebel has increased. Let’s look at some of these ideas. Read more →

Dear PW: What a sad situation. My heart goes out to your whole family because of your dad’s condition, but particularly to you and your dad. I don’t know your family history but from your description, there seems to be... Read more →

...bigger problem, as you’re experiencing. Since I hear from a lot of caregivers and follow many groups as well, I have gleaned some tips that might help you, so let’s start with those: Read more →

...The reality is that many adults of varying ages have bladder and bowel control problems for any number of reasons, most of which are health-related and beyond their control. Stroke damage, Read more →

...However, he is at the stage in his dementia journey where he is not able to maintain this attachment on his own. Yet he is defiant when we try to explain that he cannot go on trips with friends because his friends Read more →

Egosan is here to help people who live with incontinence better manage this inconvenience so that they can continue to live their best possible lives without incontinence as a focus. Read more →

...Questioning doesn’t mean that we should be antagonistic toward a doctor but asking details about prescriptions is just common sense. Therefore, respectful inquiries should be welcomed by physicians. Read more →

Could changing what we eat alter the proteins that may cause degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's? An international group of researchers has found preliminary evidence suggesting this may be so. Read more →

Dear AR: Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate hearing from people of all ages. I’ve covered end-of-life documents before, of course, but here I’m adding information about another form ... Read more →