Is An Older Adult You Love Careless About Bathing? How to Help
Avoiding Defensiveness When Communicating with Your Older Parents

Thinking of Older Parents as Stubborn Toddlers Sure To Backfire

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Dear Carol: My parents are in their 80s and have some health challenges. Dad can’t fix things like he did, and Mom can’t clean that well. Mostly, though, I’m afraid they’ll fall trying to do maintenance. They’ve always been content with each other’s company, so the virus lockdown wasn’t tough on them, but now that they’ve been vaccinated, I think that it’s safe for them to move to assisted living. I’ve been badgering them for years, telling them how great a particular assisted living facility is and how much safer they’d be living there. They have a friend who loves the facility, but whenever I mention that my parents get mad. They don’t have dementia but they're acting like toddlers over this! How do I get them to move into a safer place? - LS

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Indeed! Ageism is rampant in all aspects of life. I do think most adult children mean well, but so many think they know what their parent needs when the proposed changes are really about what the kids want (less worrying).
Thanks for commenting!

Let's start with a new headline: "How to deal with age-ism from your own adult children"

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