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Dear Carol: My mother-in-law lived in an assisted living facility with her husband where they loved the socialization. Unfortunately, her husband died shortly before the COVOD-19 shutdowns. After his death, she grieved but did reasonably well with the support of their mutual friends until they needed to be isolated. Since the virus was such a threat, we decided to bring her to live with us. What a disaster! We tried to make allowances for her grief as well as her difficult personality, but it was a terrible experience for the whole family. She constantly criticized our school-aged kids for just being around while they were doing their best to adjust to the changes the pandemic brought. I’m afraid that she’s ruined their relationship for good. She eventually told us she was happier in the ALF and wanted to go back. We took her at her word and moved her back, but this change isn’t going well either. She’s hateful to us and belligerent to the staff. I feel guilty no matter what I do. Should we bring her back to our house? - K J

Continue reading on Inforum to learn more about this situation. Cohabitation isn't for everyone:

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