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For some people, time alone is an intrinsic need and they feel stressed if they are always among people. Other people can be in a marriage or living with family and still feel lonely... Read more →

Dear LR: This is a tough place for you but you’re right that something needs to change. I understand your dad’s devotion and his feeling that he should do this out of love. He’s protective of her... Read more →

Patients interested in art had better general health, found it easier to walk, and had more energy. They were also happier, less anxious or depressed, and felt calmer. They had better memory and were superior communicators... Read more →

Incontinence accidents can happen for anyone with this health challenge, but when a person lives with dementia, preventing them is going to be a bigger problem, as you’re experiencing. Since I hear from a lot of caregivers... Read more →

f the person with dementia says that her (deceased) husband took her to a dance last night, what does it matter that it’s not true? Read more →

Bengtsson’s study found that the steroid allopregnanolone, one of the steroids produced by a body under stress, can inhibit general brain activity in mouse studies. Her thesis suggested that a similar acceleration of chronic stress-related Alzheimer’s disease in humans could mean... Read more →

However, the reality is that many adults will continue to live with incontinence. This wouldn’t be such a challenge if not for the stigma... Read more →

You may want to add journaling to your already exhausting day. Keep track of your loved one’s moods, behaviors at different times of day, medications, results of medical appointments, and other pertinent issues that can affect caregiving routines and decisions... Read more →

Dear KJ: If for no reason other than your children’s welfare, don’t move her back to your home. They need a supportive environment. Your marriage, too, needs consideration. Some families manage to make multi-generational living work out beautifully. You tried, but obviously, it’s not.... Read more →

Since it’s good practice to try to discover what lies behind your loved one’s behavior you could look at these common factors:.. Read more →