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"After adjustment for other risk factors, older persons with feelings of loneliness were more likely to develop dementia” than people without such feelings. For this reason, a study... Read more →

Once establishing some level of comfort, try to find out what is behind this lack of personal hygiene, with the intent of helping, not blaming. You might try these steps: Read more →

Dear EP: I’m deeply sorry about both your mom’s death and your dad’s dementia. That’s a lot to handle. It’s true that contradicting or arguing with someone who has dementia is counterproductive so give ... Read more →

When our lives get thrown off-track, most of us need to regroup. That’s OK. Part of that regrouping may mean reconstructing, with our partner, the way our lives will be looking for a while. Part of that reconstruction is being honest about your resentment... Read more →

...This scene was the first time I began to practice what I was reflecting upon while writing “Wishes To Die For.” Particularly how to truly listen to another person’s heart through compassion instead of using a stethoscope. Read more →

The idea that our parents who were our anchors in life becoming dependent on us can be frightening, so your reaction is understandable. You’re fortunate that your parents have been proactive about their legal work since that part is vital. Even... Read more →

...Let’s start with the fact that it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to be a positive caregiver every minute. You are trying to help your dad live well with his Alzheimer’s diagnosis as well as looking at the fact that your mom may not survive her cancer for any length of time. Give yourself credit for persevering Read more →

How to Help Your Parent with Memory Loss Be Safer (Even if They're Resisting) Presented by Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH, Geriatrician and Founder of BetterHealthWhileAging.net... Read more →

...The risk factors are numerous but a partial list includes age, being female, nerve damage, and dementia, as well as physical disabilities that keep people from reaching the toilet on time. Read more →

Dear GW: You’re being an attentive adult child and your suggestion that your dad see his doctor is a good one. I’d give the doctor credit for taking the request seriously, though, and recognizing the fact ... Read more →