Father’s Day As a Caregiver: Remembering Dad Before Dementia
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Is Dad’s Slipping Memory Due to Dementia or Stress?

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Dear Carol: My dad’s 79 and I’ve been worried about his memory. Mom’s got Alzheimer’s and he’s been her only caregiver for six years so that pushes him to the limit. I know that’s part of his problem, but I’m worried about him getting dementia.  I kept after him until he finally said that he’d talk to his doctor about his memory. Well, he did that, and the doctor did an office test but said that he’s fine, just stressed. I’ve read where in-office tests aren’t all that good, so what do I do now?  Dad’ healthy but I hate to see future deterioration in his functioning if that can be prevented with early medication. How do I get him to another doctor for a diagnosis? – GW

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