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This wall was cluttered with both real and fake accomplishments, but I knew I would need to find room for more. Dad's broken brain would tell him he had earned something else and eventually I would need to produce it... Read more →

Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia than frequent memory lapses. If we feel that dementia may be in our future or that of our loved one, what other indications of cognitive change should we watch for? Read more →

Dear AT: My heart goes out to you as you make your way through this caregiver dilemma. Let me remind you that you’ve been nothing less than heroic. Having now made the difficult decision to place your husband... Read more →

My incontinence is functional due to severe abuse when I was in care. The nerves and muscles that control my bladder and bowels are damaged beyond repair. I struggled with stigma with my incontinence... ... Read more →

...“I know,” she’d answer solemnly. “He is in pain. We know him and can see it, but the doctor looks at his chart and says he sleeps so much that he can’t possibly be in pain. Read more →

...Somehow, that word made me grind my teeth. My loved ones were not a patch of land. They were not a house. They were not an object. Yet the term “caretaker” brought such images to mind. Read more →

Most seniors, like the rest of the population, don't abuse alcohol. They've gone through their adult lives with an occasional social drink or a glass of wine with dinner. However, life events can cause a senior extra stress... Read more →

When the study began, hundreds of the patients already had diabetes. Ten years later, many more of them developed diabetes and many also have suffered cognitive decline. According to the researcher's, these two health outcomes were closely linked... Read more →

For this reason, a study that concluded that dementia is the cause rather than the effect of loneliness has made many researchers and doctors take particular notice. Lead researcher of this startling study... Read more →

Dear MH: Your grandma is fortunate to have you as her advocate. Not everyone has someone so dedicated. I believe you’ll feel better if you understand that the advocates who compile recommended criteria are taking a broad view. In general, not taking the time... Read more →