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Scientists from the University of South Florida, together with researchers from Fudan University in Shanghai, conducted a 40-week randomized controlled trial with 120 community-based seniors who do not have dementia... Read more →

...This list is only a start, but avoiding or rewording these questions and statements may improve your caregiving partnership. Read more →

Dear WT: I understand your concern as a daughter because I’ve been in a similar situation about diet, anyway. In both of these examples, you are technical right, but your approach is one that is likely to backfire. While your dad’s lifestyle isn’t perfect it’s exemplary... Read more →

Palliative care and hospice are related in that they both provide comfort care. The difference is that palliative care is for people who need comfort care while they are being treated for their medical diagnoses. Palliative care is delivered... Read more →

Understand that we aren’t talking about someone who wasn’t smelling too fresh one day when you stopped in. There could be many reasons for this. Perhaps they simply had a hard arthritis day or at the other extreme, maybe they had a stellar day and have been out working in the yard for hours, with... Read more →

Dear Carol: My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s eight years ago. While it hasn’t been easy keeping her home with me, it’s been her choice – and mine. Neither of us is young, but I’m healthy and strong so I see no reason why people keep criticizing my decision to keep her in our home. The criticism’s gotten worse... Read more →

What to do? As with most dementia-related challenges, there are no miracles, and what works one day may not the next. However, there are some things that you can try. Most of these tips stem from increased knowledge about what can trigger rebellion in a person living with dementia. Let’s take a look... Read more →

I remember watching my parents age in the normal fashion. I’d occasionally look at them and be startled by the realization that they were getting older, but that was all I acknowledged. I never consciously dwelled on the fact that they would continue to decline and eventually I would lose them. I didn’t want to.... Read more →

We’ve all heard about the dangers of elder abuse, but there is an equally serious issue of abuse toward caregivers that goes largely unaddressed. Sadly, caregiver abuse is ,,, Read more →

Dear LW: It’s sad that your mom had to make this choice, but she knows her own mind, and yes, her decision should be honored. In the first place, her choice is a valid approach to end-of-life care. Additionally, this decision is between your mom, her doctors, her clergy... Read more →