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When my dad died, my mother had dementia. She didn't have Alzheimer's, but she was in a stage of dementia where her short-term memory was not good. Being human, she was also good at denial... Read more →

The ADvance II Study for mild Alzheimer’s disease is now enrolling patients. Study-related memory tests, physician exams,​ and laboratory tests will be provided at no cost. The surgery and device costs are approved for coverage by Medicare. Subjects will receive a stipend and be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with each study visit. Learn more... Read more →

It’s vital to be aware of any type of side effect, especially when taking multiple medications. If a new medication is introduced, new side effects may occur. Seniors may be tempted to dismiss a feeling of sleepiness, stomach upsets, or other issues, as related to something else... Read more →

“Hello. My name is Chris. I’m 26 years old and have been incontinent since age 13. My incontinence is functional due to severe abuse when I was in care. The nerves and muscles that control my bladder and bowels are damaged beyond repair... Read more →

Dear SL: Don’t blame yourself. There are so many things about dementia care that are unlike other experiences that it takes time to learn what works and what doesn’t. Also, since every day is different, the approach you take one day may not work the next. Give yourself credit for trying. Having said that, I can give you a few tips that may help: Read more →

Then there's the other side. Many seniors are living in the same home they raised their children in. These homes are modest but worked well for raising their family and even for the early empty nest years. Often, however, they are two-story cottages, with the bedrooms and the only bathroom up a long flight of stairs... Read more →

Back when our loved ones were younger and healthier, many of us promised in good faith that we would never put them in a nursing home. Doing so would be unthinkable—like abandoning them in their time of need. So, we naively pledge... Read more →

"She took my sweater!" Victoria says. "I saw her. She stole it! That woman took the sweater my mother made for me!" But did someone actually steal Victoria's sweater, or is dementia stealing her mind? Victoria... Read more →

There are, of course, other reasons that your mom has started falling frequently. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can have a significant effect on an older person even if there is no reported pain. These effects can range from confusion to, yes, increased falling. For this reason... Read more →

...Still, it is possible to use this inspiration to come up with your own variations on a picnic that fit a loved one’s needs and living situation. For example, my uncle loved going for car rides when the weather was cooperative. Once a... Read more →