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Pain: How Is It Perceived by People with Dementia?

OlderManaleksandar-popovski-Jy4ELSGPHTc-unsplashPhoto credit Aleksandar Popovski

It's far too easy for onlookers to view someone with dementia as unable to feel pain. Since the disease eventually renders most people helpless and cognitively inexpressive, they can't articulate what hurts or why they are upset. Caring researchers have now brought new insight into this issue. In an article on altered pain processing in patients with cognitive impairment, Medical News Today states that new research shows how wrong previous ideas about what people with cognitive disorders could feel have been. Ruth Defrin, PhD, of University of Tel Aviv, Israel...

Continue reading on HealthCentral for insight into the fact that pain often goes undertreated in people with dementia: 

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