The Emotional Toll of Moving Your Elderly Parent to Senior Living
Holiday Grief Affects Daughter After Abusive Father’s Death

Choosing Senior Housing and Care Based on Your Parent's Needs

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If Mom is still living in her original home, with no one to look in on her regularly, she may be at a turning point. Many people choose to start getting help from in-home care agencies since Mom can stay in her home longer with this help. Others feel it's time for Mom to move to assisted living. There are several things for you and your mom to look at while you consider the options. Are there still people in her neighborhood she knows and does she get out and about to visit friends? If she is stuck at home and there's no one nearby...

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Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories. “I hold onto your book as a life preserver and am reading it slowly on purpose...I don't want it to end.” ...Craig William Dayton, Film Composer

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