Tips for Reducing Loneliness in Elders During the Holidays

GrandPad: One-of-a-kind Tablet/Phone for Older Adults Surprisingly Flexible

GrandPad3_ZoomDear Readers: You may have heard of the GrandPad, a uniquely designed, purpose-built tablet for older adults that’s an international hit. A fun fact that many local people may enjoy is that Scot Lien, GrandPad’s CEO can be found working and living in Wabasha, Minn. The Iowa native and his family fell in love with the river town in 1995, maintaining a presence there even before becoming full-time residents. GrandPad came to be because Lien noticed that his mother had trouble with cell phones and computers. Determined to find a solution, he recruited advisors in their 80s and 90s, and with their input, he and his son Isaac created the GrandPad. Lien continues to maintain a board of “grand advisors.” Now, for transparency: After COVID shut down facility visits last year I mentioned GrandPad in one of my columns on technology. Lien saw the mention and contacted me, and a weekly column called “Live Grand” is the result. As I try out ideas on my GrandPad demo I’m continually thinking that my newspaper column readers should know more about this device...

Continue reading on Inforum for more about the GrandPad and what it can do!  More of my full articles are on as well (as Dear Live Grand) but this is a concise overview. 

Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories. “I hold onto your book as a life preserver and am reading it slowly on purpose...I don't want it to end.” ...Craig William Dayton, Film Composer


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