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However, with awareness comes change, and there is a new term we’ll all be seeing more of: “care partner.” Care partner implies that the person who is living with the disease... Read more →

The first step, in my opinion, is that he join a support group. His doctor’s office should be able to direct him to a group close by or at least provide resources for finding one. An alternative, especially since he enjoys being on the computer, Read more →

Dear SC: It may surprise you to know that this is not an unusual problem. People who are used to fixing everything themselves can have a hard time turning projects over to others because it’s a point of pride as well as part of their identity. That’s often the case with other tasks, as well. For instance, if being an extremely good cook ... Read more →

This scene was the first time I began to practice what I was reflecting upon while writing “Wishes To Die For.” Particularly how to truly listen to another person’s heart through compassion instead of using a stethoscope... Read more →

...Caregivers, especially, may be even less likely than others to be looking forward to all of the hoopla associated with the expected happy holidays. Some of us dread even thinking about it. Read more →

...Now your parents both need help. Lots of help. Your kids still need you. Your spouse needs you. You feel like everyone wants a piece of you. You feel angry and that leads to guilt. Why does this feel so unfair? And where is the will to celebrate? What’s a caregiver to do? Read more →

Each year after Thanksgiving, I would make my rounds, decorating each elder’s apartment or nursing home room, planning how we would split our time between the visits, and striving to meet everyone’s needs. The guilt over taking so much time from my kids ate at me. The guilt over my mother not having the Christmas celebration she so coveted ate at me. My mother-in-law did not seem to care... Read more →

You may be juggling these things yourself in addition to caring for your folks. This is the unfortunate reality for many caregivers who are looking after their parents. Most of the caregiving responsibilities fall to one adult child—typically the one who lives closest to Mom and Dad... Read more →

Energy and mobility levels often decrease, resulting in feelings of lost independence and opportunities. Neighborhoods change over time, leaving even those well enough to remain in their own homes feeling lonely... Read more →

As I try out ideas on my GrandPad demo I’m continually thinking that my newspaper column readers should know more about this device. Now you will... Read more →