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Remind yourself that the difficult behavior your loved one may be exhibiting is the disease, not the person. In severe situations... Read more →

One strong point of almost everyone’s personality is whether or not independence or safety is of primary importance. Some elders feel better when everything is extra safe, while others would rather... Read more →

Is it Alzheimer's, a different type of dementia or something else entirely?

All too often the words "dementia" and "Alzheimer's" are used interchangeably, so it's important to know that Alzheimer's is just one type of dementia, though it's thought to be the most common type. Dementia means the loss... Read more →

...However, if you have the courage to stay in the valley and hold your attention in this descent, then you will say good bye to that which you were, before the trauma of loss, and go forward into the unknown half of yourself, that is unlived … the shadow. Read more →

...What’s the difference between these two personalities? It’s how they look at life. It’s attitude. A positive, resilient attitude leads to less stress. Read more →

For a while, my mom's disease consisted of minor memory loss, and she was able to be a fairly active part of my dad's care team after his surgery left him demented. However, as is to be expected, her condition worsened... Read more →

Dear RT: I’m sorry about your family losing your dad and then seeing your mom’s cognition decline. This has been a seriously hard time for your family. First, let me assure you... Read more →

he most frustrating and painful part in this stew of choices is that, in most cases, there is no right answer because we are aiming at a moving target. Depending on where Mom is in her mind on that particular day, the Christmas tree may bring back wonderful memories or it could bring back that childhood horror. The gathering of loving relatives may seem familiar to her or she may be too lost in her dementia... Read more →

Dementia aside, a significant amount of research has shown that having a supportive social network is associated with positive health outcomes, both psychological and physical while lacking such support can be harmful. Previous studies have also suggested... Read more →

t’s time to develop a plan so that you can maintain your own health, your relationship with your husband, be a mother to your children, remain a dependable employee, and still take care of your dad. It’s hard to prioritize under these conditions, but seeing your life laid out in front of you can help you feel a little more organized. Number every segment... Read more →