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Talking to Your Parents About Their Last Years

8 Summer Excursions for Elders and Their Caregivers

ArtiS-8_Summer_Excursions_for_Elders_and_Their_Caregivers-iStock-536272795Summer is on its way. This is a time when it’s generally easier for elders to be out and about than when snow and ice are an issue. Even if our loved ones have dementia, severe arthritis, lung issues, or a combination of ailments, there are things we, their caregivers, can do to relieve a sense of being left out of life that can affect people in their situation. Think about the personality of your ailing elders and consider excursions or entertainment that they may enjoy. A short outing of some type can leave a lasting memory, or it can simply mean that there were some enjoyable moments, but either way...

Continue reading on HealthCentral for some ideas about how you can spend some quality time with your older adult or spouse:

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Thanks for the comment, Manuel. I agree that we need to help our older adults live the best life they can and that includes appropriate healthcare.

Bringing elders to their most optimal health state is a satisfying feeling for everyone who really cares for their parents. This way they can enjoy every day of their life without any illness.

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