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...While detachment with love has traditionally been applied in situations where a loved one is struggling with addiction, it can also be used in other contentious relationships—especially those with individuals who have mental health disorders like borderline personality disorder Read more →

...What many non-caregivers do not understand is that this responsibility can grow from running a few errands each week into a full-time job in the blink of an eye. Primary care providers often have to quit paying jobs, turn down promotions, and miss Read more →

...A skilled nursing facility or a good ALF should handle incontinence incidents quickly and thoroughly. If any senior living setting consistently smells of human waste, or even cleaning products, this could be a clue that there are staffing or procedural issues. For example, there may not be enough aides to regularly assist with toileting and changing residents, Read more →

Most caregivers would have been devastated by the death of their loved ones before they took on this role. But when a care recipient has declined so significantly that they no longer resemble the person they used to be, it can be heartbreaking to imagine prolonging such a life. When a loved one is in pain Read more →

As with most types of dementia, family members are the primary caregivers by default, at least at the beginning of the disease. They are usually the people who notice that something is not right with their spouse or parent. Again, like Alzheimer’s... Read more →

Dear LF: First things first. You are not failing. Dementia care is hard, and even the most determinedly positive person will have days when finding something to feel positive about is out of reach. Try not to be so hard on yourself. While a positive attitude overall Read more →

...However, the new entrepreneurs have seen gold in the little jobs. If we are lucky, we may even find nice people, who enjoy elders, driving the vans that pull up to your parents' door to fix that broken window screen. Read more →

These videos are short and to the point so choose the ones you want to watch from these links or go to the Egosancares YouTube channel for direct viewing. Let’s start with how to put them on and take them off: Read more →

...In addition to extensive experience in elder care, most GCMs are licensed in fields like social work and nursing, so look for college degrees in these areas and appropriate state licensing. Long-term care providers like in-home care companies, Read more →

...However, if mom is showing signs of needing assistance with her meals and transportation, I'd recommend looking around at assisted living facilities. Assisted living does not generally offer nursing care, and if help with dressing and other activities of daily livings (ADLs) Read more →