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10 Caregiver Tips for Caring for an Older Adult's Hair

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As we age, some of the angst of youth fades, making us more relaxed about our looks. But, our hair is a big part of how we present ourselves to the world, and most of us still want to look our best. Caring for an elder's hair can be a challenge. My mother-in-law, Alice, had been going to the same beauty shop for decades. The salon was situated in a woman's home, and there were several steps that led up to the entrance. In general, the steps weren't a problem for Alice, until a fear of falling took over. She would freeze about halfway up or down the steps. We'd remain stuck in the middle, and it took a lot of prodding to get her to finish the climb up or the descent down. The whole procedure became so stressful that we made a mutual decision for me to care for her hair in her own home. I'll tell you upfront that I'm not good with hair. For the most part, I'm a minimalist. Alice had perms, but her hair still needed washing and daily curling to arrange it nicely. Over time, and with lots of humor thrown in, I did learn a few things over the years. 

A Caregiver’s Tips for Caring for a Loved One’s Hair:

Stay Upbeat No Matter What

  1. I said it above, but it bears repeating. Don't take it all too seriously. I once got the heated curling brush tangled in Alice's hair and was terrified I'd have to cut a chunk of hair from the back of her head. I kept my cool, joking that she would have to withhold a tip since I was taking so long. I'm not sure she got the joke, but she laughed. With...

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