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How to Survive Caring for Multiple Elders at the Same Time

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Each of our aging parents is unique. Some people age so well that they need little help until they are well into their eighties, while others need hands-on care as early as their fifties or sixties. Adult children are often faced with the task of caring for both parents, and those who are married must contend with their in-laws’ declining health as well. Caring for more than one person brings added stress over how a caregiver should divide their time. It’s typically a case of caregiver burnout waiting to happen. 

When Caregivers Are Pulled in Too Many Directions: Every caregiver is familiar with the constant nagging feeling that something or someone in their life is being shortchanged. Whether it’s the person you’re caring for, your children, your significant other, your career, your friends and hobbies, your household, or yourself, there never seems to be enough time or energy to go around. 

Time management is never simple for family caregivers, but for those who are looking after multiple elders, the added complexities can make your head spin. What happens if your husband needs a new prescription filled ASAP but your father who lives in the next town over has a doctor’s appointment you promised to drive him to? Who takes precedence?

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Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories.“I hold onto your book as a life preserver and am reading it slowly on purpose...I don't want it to end.” ...Craig William Dayton, Film Composer

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