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...Similarly, your aging parents are at a vulnerable point in their lives where they rely on you for a great deal. They could easily jump to the conclusion that you will not have time for them if you begin focusing on your love life. Therefore, I’d advise caregivers to refrain Read more →

...My uncle particularly enjoyed the spring crab apple blossoms that reminded him of the two decades he and my aunt had spent living out east. Later in the year, we’d drive around local colleges Read more →

We Laugh so We Don’t Cry: Caregivers must handle difficult care decisions and an inordinate amount of stress every day. We’re constantly trying to cope with the knowledge that our loved ones are losing their independence, getting older and often living with serious medical conditions. Although we... Read more →

I'd had this same hospice organization with my dad's care, and they were superb. Hospice and the nursing home worked seamlessly together to give my dad the best care possible. He had his familiar nurses and aides because he remained in the home where he'd lived since his brain surgery left him with severe dementia. However, he also acquired expert hospice nurses, Read more →

Dear LC: There is nothing straightforward about dementia caregiving, so I congratulate you for acknowledging the complications and seeking support. Social media support groups can offer a lifeline to caregivers. That said, remember that personalities, as well as personal experiences Read more →

...The biggest advantage of home care is that it allows elders to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. This option is far less disorienting for a dementia patient than a move to an assisted living facility, a memory care unit or a nursing home. Familiar environments offer a great deal of security and peace of mind for individuals with memory issues. If a company Read more →

...Even if they are leaving an older, deteriorating home for a sparkling new assisted living facility, they are leaving behind a good deal of their past. This move symbolizes an acknowledgement that their independence is fleeting. Read more →

...Assisted living facilities often include room and board in their “base package.” This consists of a private apartment and two or three hot meals each day. Communities are generally set up so that an elder can quickly summon help in the event of a fall Read more →

...When it comes to discussing awkward or emotionally charged topics, it always helps to do some research and preparation beforehand. There are countless Read more →