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Dear Classic: I’m sorry about your struggle. Incontinence is a hard thing for any adult to adjust to, but your interest in restoring classic cars could be a terrific motivator for you. Society’s problem, of course, is that we grow up feeling that not being able to manage one’s bladder and/or bowels is babyish. Read more →

This is short and sweet but since Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period begins next month, I wanted to share some useful links with my readers on Medicare Read more →

That’s a pretty long list, right? Having read it, can you start to get a handle on why you and everyone else needs to change their thinking about incontinence? Read more →

Look to meditation, prayer and/or time alone with nature, books or music to help lower your stress levels. People who have a strong spiritual life are often more able to cope with stress in a healthy manner. Read more →

I frantically grabbed my legal pad and wrote “GET DOWN!” in big letters. He just chuckled. This scene ended with me turning off the fuses in the fuse box, so he wouldn’t electrocute himself. He eventually tottered down off the ladder Read more →

"Incontinence affects millions of Americans and is very closely linked to diet, since what someone eats and drinks directly affects their bladder. With that said, people may think drinking less water will help them avoid incontinence, but it may actually increase their risk of Read more →

,,,I want to make the point here that if this change had happened after the upheaval in our living situations and the threat of COVID-19, I’d consider that trauma as a contributing factor. It sounds from your letter, though, that this change happened prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Read more →

...The reality is that many adults of varying ages have bladder and bowel control problems for any number of reasons, most of which are health-related and beyond their control. Stroke damage, spinal surgery, as well as any number of diseases come to mind. Read more →