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I try to talk with her and ask her what she wants but she ignores me when I do. I think that we need to move her to assisted living, but I don’t know how to physically get her there. – LE Read more →

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...They tell me that they’ve earned the right to relax. How can I motivate them? I know that nagging and scolding aren’t the best approaches, their attitude annoys me. Should I just ignore them and pretend that their laziness doesn’t bother Me? – KO Read more →

Here’s what you do. Draft a careful group email to send to them laying out what caring for your parents entails for you. List medical visits as well as any emergency calls that you’ve tended to. Read more →

Since my elders didn’t live with me, I had some time most evenings to use ice and/or heat. I had time to read a good book — my best form of relaxation. I had my children to go home to, even though they too needed care, but that was different: Read more →

Dear Dog Lover: The thought of your grandma having to give up her dog at this time brings tears to my eyes. This is her companion, her child, her barrier against loneliness. It seems so cruel. Yet, the reality is that many facilities won’t allow people to bring their dogs. Read more →

For many, music from certain eras can bring back memories of better times. For others, music soothes anxiety or gets them pumped up for a workout. When it comes to people living with dementia, music can help in all of those ways, but it can also help cognition. Read more →