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...If we slip up, we are shamed. Fast forward a few decades. The reality is that a significant number of adults will see some degree of incontinence in their future. Read more →

Moving my parents and my in-laws into senior living and cleaning out their respective apartments was a serious challenge. I hate to think how much more difficult it would have been if they hadn’t downsized from larger family homes... Read more →

Dear LR: You are a sensitive human and a generous-hearted caregiver, so I don’t see you making fun of your dad. You’re just recognizing the humor can coexist with painful situations... Read more →

Chronic stress is often a matter of self-care. Note that I said chronic stress. We’ll all have stressful events in our lives. How we handle these events... Read more →

Dear GL: Money is a hard topic for many families. Why? Often, the reluctance stems from just what you mentioned. Other people’s finances seem too intrusive and personal to talk about. Additionally, parents don’t like... Read more →

Handling Siblings in Denial About a Parent's Declining Health

One form of denial takes advantage of distance. In most families, there is typically an adult child who lives nearest to Mom and/or Dad, and then there are siblings who live further out of town or in another state. The role of primary caregiver... Read more →

Understand that we aren’t talking about someone who wasn’t smelling too fresh one day when you stopped in. There could be many reasons for this. Perhaps they simply had a hard arthritis day or on the other extreme, maybe they had a stellar day and... Read more →

...Many would rather use their precious time visiting with family members or seeing to their own health instead of filling out paperwork, juggling appointments, and searching for sources of financial assistance. This is where geriatric care managers (GCMs) come in. Read more →

They have a stellar list of podcasts for you to choose from but a recent entry is about my work. If you'd like to give it a listen, you can go to their podcast site... Read more →

Sex and death: It’s odd that these two topics of conversation should bring so much anxiety to parents and children. One addresses the beginning of life, while the other addresses the end. Both are a natural part of the circle of life, but many find that sex is often the easier subject to discuss. Read more →