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...Oftentimes, an aging parent is still cognitively sharp but their days lack outside interaction and structure, therefore they come to rely on their primary caregiver for all of their socialization. Spending a few days each week at a senior center could Read more →

...“It is much easier to prevent digestive issues than treat them after the fact,” English urges. “In this case, prevention comes in the form of proper diet (including lots of fiber and water), regular exercise, paying attention to personal ‘normal’ bowel functions, and seeking prompt medical advice.” Read more →

...We’ll start with a series of “don’ts” that can help you identify damaging patterns of thinking and behaving, learn how to quit these bad habits and give you a clean slate to build upon with the “dos” that are meant to build you up. Read more →

Dear CE: Lack of consistency is understandably hard for older adults. Who wants strangers to come into their home to help them shower? Unfortunately, low staffing has been an issue for years, and of course, after our intense COVID challenges... Read more →

...When I was growing up, few grandparents lived to the ages of 85, 90, and beyond. But as modern medical care helps people live longer, more grandchildren are stepping up to provide care for their elders. These young caregivers are Read more →

...Again, no one, including the NIH, is suggesting that people should not take the potentially life-saving drugs listed. They are simply encouraging older adults, or caregivers of older adults, to make it routine Read more →

While many people can use music as a healing tool or even to help a loved one through the death process, the profession of music thanatology requires a deep understanding of medical issues and music and how both these things affect the mind and body. Read more →

...Too often, a well-meaning friend or relative will buy a used cane or walker for a loved one without realizing that one size does not fit all. The wrong device can negatively affect a senior’s stability, cause posture-related problems and even result in pain. Mobility aids come in all shapes and sizes, so selecting the right equipment Read more →

...Incontinence accidents can happen for anyone with this health challenge, but when a person lives with dementia, preventing them is going to be a bigger problem, as you’re experiencing. Since I hear from a lot of caregivers and follow many groups as well, I have gleaned some tips that might help you, so let’s start with those: Read more →

Dear CL: I'm sorry about the recent deaths of both of your parents. Under these circumstances, mixed feelings are inevitable since we grieve their loss as we also celebrate that they are no longer suffering. Our family went through this, as well, so I do understand. I’m proud of you for recognizing Read more →