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Dear LG: I’m sorry that you are put in the middle of your parents’ problem, but you are right to intervene. While people with earlier stages of dementia can and do travel, care must be taken Read more →

Dear DS: Congratulations for having proactive parents! Having the legal documents in place can offer significant peace of mind for many end-of-life issues that older adults and their family members need to address. Read more →

Dear MJ: It’s hard to be in your shoes, wanting to do your best for your mom and then having her refuse what seems reasonable to you. Yet, your mom has lived a long life and may, at this time of life, just want to live each day as she has been doing. That’s also understandable. Read more →

Dear YE: I can feel your frustration through your words. You just want to help your mom and having her move seems logical. Strangely though, we can all become somewhat comfortable with less than ideal situations... Read more →

One can be lonely in a marriage. One can be lonely in a crowd. It's all about the quality of the relationships. People living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes are often lonely. While they live among plenty of people, these are not the people they've built their life around. Read more →

Elders in the U.S. face similar issues with loneliness. A study published in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry found that participants who reported feeling lonely were more likely to experience dementia than those who didn't feel lonely. Read more →

As the holiday season ramps up, it’s important to remember that your presence and attention are the most valuable gifts you can give. That, and helping your elders to feel included in whatever ways they can participate. Read more →

Mom needs help with showering as well as cleaning, but she won’t even try assisted living because of her friend’s experience. How do we help her stay safe but not take away her independence? – MS Read more →

Having been through this, I’ll provide some suggestions that can make this discussion, or better yet, series of discussions, easier. However, before we move to general suggestions, let me present you with one fundamental rule — the one that underlies everything that you do or say: Read more →