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While occasionally you’ll meet an elder who willingly turns over all decisions to others, most will continue to want their autonomy. They want to make the decisions that rule their lives. So, when they need help, what do you do? Read more →

While the enormous amount of information contained in When Your Aging Parent Needs Help could be overwhelming if presented by someone less skilled, Dr. K, as she’s known to her patients and readers, has a talent for making information accessible, even friendly. Read more →

Your friend may have turned down your invitations, but don’t drop her from your list. She still needs to know that people care. It may be that her situation is so emotionally and physically overwhelming... Read more →

The confidence that you gain from this type of resource can inspire you to stay strong in what you know, and these connections will keep you learning. Additionally, if... Read more →

Mention a wonderful new assisted living that your friend’s mother just moved into. Mention some exciting new upgrades to in-home bathrooms that are actually good for everyone’s safety. Then, turn the conversation elsewhere... Read more →

Dear SL: While you may be more self-sufficient than many older adults we read about, you are certainly not selfish and possibly not as unusual as conventional wisdom would imply. We can’t ignore the fact that loneliness and isolation are killers for older adults... Read more →

As people age, they tend to feel a loss of control over many things, namely their independence. Our bodies weaken and affect our physical abilities. Chronic pain may be a new reality. Some lose the ability to walk without the assistance of another person or a... Read more →

This angry, difficult woman became easier for the staff to handle. She was friendly, cooperative and generally happy—much like she had been before the dementia-related behaviors and mood swings set in. She was still unable to communicate effectively with her husband... Read more →

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this painful situation. In all my years of caring for seniors and interacting with other family caregivers, I’ve learned a great deal from my own experiences and others’ caregiving journeys. Keep in mind that the “right” approach depends... Read more →

...Victoria had a closet full of sweaters, but that did not matter. She wanted her red one. That red one. Anyone who took anything away from Victoria was a thief in her mind. Read more →