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The NIH abstract on aromatherapy reports that the trial consisted of having subjects inhale the fragrance of rosemary and lemon essential oils in the morning, and lavender and orange essential oils in the evening. Read more →

In my experience, I’ve found that it isn’t always seniors who avoid talking about death. Some do, of course, but many of our aging loved ones would like to discuss the legal and financial arrangements they’ve made, as well as their preferences for end-of-life care ... Read more →

I’m a strong believer in families being realistic. Your parents should have a Power of Attorney for health care with a health directive or living will. This is the document where people assign someone else to make decisions for them should they become unable to do so. Read more →

Pressure sores, sometimes called pressure ulcers, are caused by pressure from an object or a firm surface compressing the tissue over a bony prominence which leads to inadequate blood flow to the tissue being compressed. Ultimately, the skin begins to weaken and will... Read more →

Dear Praying for Positive: Any health condition of this magnitude presents enormous challenges to the individuals diagnosed, as well as to their friends and family. People want to support you but don’t know how to do it effectively... Read more →

Dear Sad and Bewildered: I'm so sorry that after all you’ve been doing your dad is still asking this painful question. It's enough to bring the strongest caregiver to tears. Yet, your dad can't help it, which you seem to understand. Read more →

There are at least three different types of Alzheimer's based on the brain regions affected by the pathology, meaning the plaques and tangles of the condition. Then, based on cognitive testing, there are as many as seven different types of Alzheimer’s present, perhaps even more. Depending on the type of Alzheimer's a person has, Read more →

He was struggling to breathe, yet pleaded with me to not insert the breathing tube and to let him die. The cardiologist was scared to do it. With a voice coming from above saying, “Let My People Go!” I honored the man’s wishes. I tremble every time I read this passage. Read more →