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...“Care partnerships with loved ones living with dementia are challenging at any stage,” says Daniel C. Potts, M.D., a fellow of the American Academy of Neurology. “But the early stage can be particularly difficult Read more →

...Many times comfort means taking away medications rather than adding to them. I've known elders who have returned to better physical and mental health after the withdrawal of several medications that were no longer needed. I've also seen the addition Read more →

Dear CE: Lack of consistency is understandably hard for older adults. Who wants strangers to come into their home to help them shower? Unfortunately, low staffing has been an issue for years, and of course, after our intense COVID challenges... Read more →

Please remember that I’m only providing information. Other than the Alzheimer’s stamp and the videos below, I’m not endorsing the products since I rarely do that, and I haven’t tried them. Read more →

Dear KS: This is such a hard situation yet a common one. When older people grow attached to a caregiver who then must leave, the experience just adds to the heap of losses that most have already endured. My family saw this with my uncle’s... Read more →

Dear KJ: This is sad as well as frustrating for you. Her need to see you isn’t unusual in the later stage of Alzheimer’s, but when it happens, any caregiver would find it exhausting. Her behavior is generally known as shadowing and... Read more →

Dear SL: While you may be more self-sufficient than many older adults we read about, you are certainly not selfish and possibly not as unusual as conventional wisdom would imply. We can’t ignore the fact that loneliness and isolation are killers for older adults... Read more →

...With that in mind, here's a brief report for readers on some of the more common reasons that young adults may live with incontinence. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but I think that people can get the message. Read more →

Dear TG: A hard fact is that while denial like your dad’s denial presents a significant challenge, it’s not unusual and is likely a normal response to loss. It seems that you are doing what's possible medically. Your assignment will be... Read more →

Dear Scared: This must be not only distressing for you but as your signature tells us, scary. I’m so sorry that you’re going through such a hard time. Your Dad's behavior change could stem from any number of things... Read more →