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There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this painful situation. In all my years of caring for seniors and interacting with other family caregivers, I’ve learned a great deal from my own experiences and others’ caregiving journeys. Keep in mind that the “right” approach depends... Read more →

...Do we pick up the slack to keep long-lasting traditions intact, or do we pretend the special day doesn’t exist and let it pass by unobserved? Read more →

When you were a teen, you often took care of your grandma, who was ravaged by Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), while also keeping track of your toddler sister. When you were the joint owner of a four-plex, you did your best to help your tenant/neighbor who struggled with RA... Read more →

This list is only a start, but avoiding or rewording these questions and statements may improve your caregiving partnership... Read more →

I remember watching my parents age in the normal fashion. I’d occasionally look at them and be startled by the realization that they were getting older, but that was all I acknowledged. I never consciously dwelled on the fact that they would continue to decline and eventually... Read more →

“No one needs to die in pain.” That is what the social worker told me as I signed the papers that would put my father on hospice care. That is the mantra of hospice providers. As a family caregiver entering the new and scary realm of end-of-life-care, it became my mantra, too. I had no choice but to believe Read more →

Dear SG: My heart goes out to you. I’ve been in your shoes with family members, particularly my parents, though, I was fortunate in that my sister was also there so we could support each other. I also know from different personal experiences the heavy load of being alone... Read more →

I’m sorry about your mom’s health. We can feel so helpless when we watch a loved one suffer especially when the doctors to whom we look for advice seem to give up. Palliative care and hospice are related in that they both provide comfort care. The difference is that palliative care is for people who ... Read more →

While I live in an area that has routine blizzards, we have not had forest fires or hurricanes, so again I am blessed. We didn't even have a summer tornado here, though some nearby communities did... Read more →

Dear JD: I’m sorry about your mom. She went through so much before she passed, though as she said, end-of-life is often like that. I’m also sad for you as you struggle with your very human feelings... Read more →