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...My first step is to answer the writer’s email providing whatever comfort and resources I can. Then, depending on their question, I’ll consider the topic in view of the column to decide Read more →

...Nancy had spent years in therapy learning to cope with her childhood issues. Through hard work, she learned to forgive her father for his lack of involvement and the fact that he didn’t put a stop to the abuse her mother doled out. She’d learned that Read more →

...t is so hard to see our parents get older. As they become more physically and/or cognitively challenged, it’s only natural to wish we could take away their struggles. We can offer love and support. We can do our best to anticipate and meet their needs. But, we can’t take away Read more →

...There was no time to fully contemplate the far-reaching implications of Dad’s abrupt change in health. Hard decisions had to be made and there was so much to be done that we couldn’t have anticipated. Where should he live now? What kind of immediate care does he need and Read more →

...Each time I visited and saw him in such an agitated state, I would hurry from his room back out into the hall to talk with his nurse, Sarita. Had the doctor been in yet? Had he seen Dad like this? Would he please help us get Dad on hospice? Read more →

...“It is much easier to prevent digestive issues than treat them after the fact,” English urges. “In this case, prevention comes in the form of proper diet (including lots of fiber and water), regular exercise, paying attention to personal ‘normal’ bowel functions, and seeking prompt medical advice.” Read more →

...irst, I questioned Benjamin T. Mast, Ph.D., ABPP, who is a Board Certified Geropsychologist, for his thoughts. Dr. Mast is Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. He offers these suggestions: Read more →

...The care home has since made it a point to provide this simple, comforting service regularly for their night owls. A measure that has been met with much success in helping to control wandering in people with Alzheimer's. Read more →

"...But, I have also seen miracles take place, ending long-festering anger or avoidance. However, this is only possible when both people are willing to be vulnerable to each other Read more →

Dear VL: A holding pattern like your mom's is confusing and emotional even with proper support. Yet, I’m sorry to say that many doctors aren’t prepared to help you beyond their specialty. For that reason, I’d suggest Read more →