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..."The facility would contact me when they needed more supplies and I’d try to find the best products I could online, yet the name brands we tried were unsatisfactory. “Because of online work for my existing business, I instinctively researched manufacturers Read more →

...Again, no one, including the NIH, is suggesting that people should not take the potentially life-saving drugs listed. They are simply encouraging older adults, or caregivers of older adults, to make it routine Read more →

...The pressure of shoes on sore or twisted joints can force even people who once had narrow feet into sandals year around. This happened to my mother, and I’ll attest that it was a nightmare in our cold climate. Yet buying her regular shoes with a wide toe made them too Read more →

Dear SP: My heart goes out to you. Your private note to me was exceptionally detailed and I can assure you that you did everything you could to support your friend. Tragic situations like the one you describe Read more →

...Unfortunately, palliative care doesn’t get the attention that it should when it comes to caring for older adults, even from many doctors. Let's take a look at both programs to help clarify the differences for you. Then you can talk directly with your mom's physicians to see if one of them can help get her started with the best option for her at this time. Read more →

...Guilt is counterproductive. Yes, occasionally there’s a valid reason to feel guilty. If so, do what you need to do to make amends for what was done. However, most of the time the guilt is unearned. Carrying around unearned guilt Read more →

...Incontinence accidents can happen for anyone with this health challenge, but when a person lives with dementia, preventing them is going to be a bigger problem, as you’re experiencing. Since I hear from a lot of caregivers and follow many groups as well, I have gleaned some tips that might help you, so let’s start with those: Read more →

...To make the best decisions, whether for yourself or for someone else, it is vital to have self-respect. When you’re faced with a difficult choice that affects your loved one, there is added pressure. You want to know that you’re doing your best to weigh all available Read more →

...Once my dad had moved to a nearby nursing home because of a failed brain surgery and Mom was still living in their apartment, it seemed that every time the phone rang past 5:00 p.m. there was trouble somewhere. Sometimes the call was from the nursing home because of a problem Dad had. Occasionally, it was Mom just checking in. Too often, however, it was the dispatcher for mom's personal alarm system. Read more →

...Avoid a confrontational tone or attitude. In fact, you might find it helpful to talk more generally about what’s going on in their life and maybe even in yours. Once establishing some level of comfort, try to find out what is behind this lack Read more →