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Dear VB: My heartfelt condolences to your whole family. It has to be difficult for you to concentrate on your mother’s grief while you deal with your own, yet you are sensitive to what she’s going through, which says a lot about you. Read more →

Dear KL: I understand what you’re saying and applaud you for thinking of your children ahead of time. Throughout the years, I’ve heard from caregivers who’ve lost a great deal both financially and emotionally due to caregiving responsibilities. Read more →

Dear LK: You are part of what is often termed the “sandwich generation,” which means that there’s a lot of juggling in your future. It’s smart of you to be proactive by becoming more educated both in self-care and learning how to prioritize the needs of your vulnerable loved ones. Read more →

This is a glaring truth that most caregivers recognize. We are providing increasing care for our loved ones who are ill and most likely have a limited amount of time left to live. Read more →

No caregiver can be expected to anticipate every need or provide a perfect solution when there is none. No caregiver should put aside long-term needs like rest, relaxation, healthy food and socialization for the sake of another. Read more →

Dear YE: I can feel your frustration through your words. You just want to help your mom and having her move seems logical. Strangely though, we can all become somewhat comfortable with less than ideal situations... Read more →

Dear Laughing Daughter: Caregiving can have many joys and rewards but let's be realistic – it can also be exhausting, difficult, and sometimes down right grim. My feeling is that any time we can find a reason to laugh at circumstances we probably should. Read more →

Dear Frazzled: Burnout is a pervasive problem for family caregivers, especially those who have no time to get away from the ongoing emotional and physical demands of caring for an ailing family member. Read more →

Dear TG: I’m so sorry that you’re going through this terrible emotional pain, but you did the right thing. Adults with the capacity to determine how they want to live have the right to do so even if their family disagrees. You were careful to obtain a diagnosis Read more →