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...However, a few quick tasks and offers of help can quickly get out of hand. Your folks need some guidance on their Medicare coverage, so you stop over. Their yard is in desperate need of attention, so you start taking time away from your family to pitch in each week. Read more →

Caregivers are often isolated by the nature of their responsibilities. Some can’t leave home without arranging for someone to come and care for their loved one. Read more →

...I’ve worked with doctors and attorneys, and short of gaining guardianship which isn’t likely at this time, there seems to be little I can do. My question is how do I live with this without going down myself? My husband is supportive, but I need more. Read more →

After four or five decades in this small home, the place is packed with memories as well as junk. Then, one spouse - let's say Mom - dies. Dad is now alone in this house. He gets even more "thrifty," Read more →

Living situations are different than in the past, Bradley Bursack says. With most couples now, both members work, often out of necessity. So during the day, an older parent might still be home alone, but no longer with accustomed neighbors or familiar friends nearby. Parents actually might feel more isolated than before. Read more →

I told my two sisters who’ve always been too busy to help that I need to put mom in a nursing home because I can’t do this anymore. Now, they email me, call me, and text me nasty messages saying that I’m giving up on Mom. I’ve stopped answering them but it hurts so much to have them say these nasty things to me. I’m glad that to have been here for mom, but what do I do now? – HD Read more →

Long-term caregiving can be isolating and lonely, which is why peer support is so vital to a caregiver’s mental, emotional, and physical health Read more →

Without any solid plans or reprioritizing, things that were once at the forefront of your life, like your job, your friends and even your relationship with your significant other, can wind up on the back burner. Read more →