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...The choice to place an older adult in a care facility might be the most difficult decision of all. I’ve had to make this decision five times and it was never easy, even though my location thankfully has some excellent care homes Read more →

...Some of the cuts you make are obvious. If you’ve been volunteering significant time to a fun project, but it’s not one of your life’s priorities, you may need to take a break. Other relationships aren’t so easily altered, so hurt feelings — and even marriage problems — can arise. First, try to breathe, and next, Read more →

Dear WR: This is a good question. Currently, the term for people who are aging without a competent partner or adult children is “solo agers,” though even people who have adult children can run into complications. The reason they struggle could be due to Read more →

...Your situation is a classic example: One adult child who is still living in the parents’ community while other siblings live somewhere across the country (or world) and have little time and/or ability to help out. Read more →

Dad is now alone in this house. He gets even more "thrifty," and doesn't want anyone coming to mow the yard. He's a bit paranoid, and doesn't want to pay a housekeeper, so the place is filthy. Electrical outlets are old and overloaded. Plumbing barely works and doesn't get fixed. You try to help... Read more →

Dementia aside, a significant amount of research has shown that having a supportive social network is associated with positive health outcomes, both psychological and physical while lacking such support can be harmful. Previous studies have also suggested... Read more →

t’s time to develop a plan so that you can maintain your own health, your relationship with your husband, be a mother to your children, remain a dependable employee, and still take care of your dad. It’s hard to prioritize under these conditions, but seeing your life laid out in front of you can help you feel a little more organized. Number every segment... Read more →

... Although it may become increasingly difficult or impossible to engage in two-way communication as we age, our desire for interpersonal connections remains. Read more →

Emergency room doctor Kevin Haselhorst had an epiphany while he tried valiantly to save an elderly man who’d been through one too many traumas. His book, “Wishes To Die For: A Caregiver’s Guide to Advance Care Directives,” was the first step toward a new advocacy. Dr. Haselhorst continues to work toward helping people understand the importance of healthcare directives and the ability to make their own decisions about end-of-life care. Curious about more of Dr. Haselhorst’s views, the Candid Caregiver contacted him through email for the following interview. Read more →

Brian, a 44-year-old man who has life-long incontinence, is still on a journey to find the right type of protection. His incontinence is due to an exceptionally small bladder... Read more →