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...Even if they are leaving an older, deteriorating home for a sparkling new assisted living facility, they are leaving behind a good deal of their past. This move symbolizes an acknowledgement that their independence is fleeting. Read more →

“Each Memory Café is unique,” Kaul says. “For example, Memory Café of the Red River Valley has its own building or "home" with opportunities for our participants to meet several times every week. Our MC is ... Read more →

Dear GK: You’re both right in your own way, which is often the case in caregiving. Long-time readers will notice that this is a frequently asked question and that’s because there’s no concrete answer. Your dad sounds as if he’s doing well for now Read more →

However, if mom is showing signs of needing assistance with her meals and transportation, I'd recommend looking around at assisted living facilities. Assisted living does not generally offer nursing care, and if help with dressing and other activities of daily living (ADLs) are needed, she'd likely still have... Read more →

...My first encounter with this happened many years ago. My dad went into surgery to relieve pressure on his brain caused by fluid buildup behind scar tissue from a World War II injury. Dad went into surgery after being told that it would prevent dementia. He came out of surgery in a severe state of dementia Read more →

...The questions above address important issues at the very heart of caregiving. Unfortunately, many of these concerns do not arise until family caregivers are feeling overwhelmed and depleted or until some area of their lives begins to deteriorate Read more →

When a person becomes a caregiver, their world and their social circle tend to shrink. This is especially true if a care receiver requires around-the-clock supervision, is homebound or has trouble communicating. While there is usually plenty to do around the house, things can get monotonous very quickly. Being cooped up Read more →

Dear NM: I'm truly sorry about your dad’s fall and injury. The physical shock of a fall can be traumatic for an older body, but cognitive changes that can arise from the trauma and subsequent hospitalization are often the most shocking. This type of cognitive change... Read more →

...The most common symptom of bladder cancer is hematuria, or blood in the urine which may be noticeable or not. As the disease progresses, pain may also be experienced during urination. Other symptoms can include frequent Read more →