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If you have a parent or other older adult in your family and you feel that poor hygiene is a realistic issue, the first thing you should do is try to determine why the person isn't keeping up with self-care... Read more →

Please remember that I’m only providing information. Other than the Alzheimer’s stamp and the videos below, I’m not endorsing the products since I rarely do that, and I haven’t tried them. Read more →

This wall was cluttered with both real and fake accomplishments, but I knew I would need to find room for more. Dad's broken brain would tell him he had earned something else and eventually I would need to produce it... Read more →

If we were proactive, we’ve already discussed the choices for living arrangements our loved ones would have made for themselves under differing circumstances, however many people haven’t done... Read more →

Your husband, children, and grandchild are as important as your parents, so you’ll need to be aware of times when you could be neglecting them due to attending to your parents’ needs. That's okay in emergencies... Read more →

Since it’s good practice to try to discover what lies behind your loved one’s behavior you could look at these common factors... Read more →

...The risk factors are numerous but a partial list includes age, being female, nerve damage, and dementia, as well as physical disabilities that keep people from reaching the toilet on time. Read more →

Dear GW: You’re being an attentive adult child and your suggestion that your dad see his doctor is a good one. I’d give the doctor credit for taking the request seriously, though, and recognizing the fact ... Read more →

This is the first consideration because there are many drugs that can cause personality changes in people, some of which list this as fairly common, but for others, the side effect may be more obscure. Medication reactions and interactions... Read more →

Judy’s situation is an example of what many of us face. She’s likely right that her mom would be safer if she had someone checking on her regularly. Also, depending on her mom’s personality, Judy’s mom might be happier... Read more →