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The entire family finds itself in a quandary. Regardless of whether the parents have been living in the same town for 50 years or they relocated within the last decade, it’s safe to say that they have put down roots. They have formed close relationships with their neighbors and doctors. Many seniors join local organizations ... Read more →

...The juxtaposition of the past and present can make these memories bittersweet. But, it is important to remember that, regardless of what has happened to our parents as they age, they remain our parents. Read more →

He locked one in-home care aide out of his home, let another inside but was rude to her, and thoroughly enjoyed one young man but only because they could discuss golf together... Read more →

...You may go home from the nursing home where your spouse lives and cry from the loneliness that resides in your heart. Or, if your spouse is still home Read more →

...Do we pick up the slack to keep long-lasting traditions intact, or do we pretend the special day doesn’t exist and let it pass by unobserved? Read more →

Does this mean you are now “parenting your parents?” Is this what they mean by role reversal? Well, yes and no. These are phrases that are now in vogue. They make quick sound bites for interviews and great titles for books. (I nearly named my own book “Role Reversal,” but saw it was already being used too often and came to my senses.) Read more →

Dear LM: My deepest sympathy to you. No, you aren’t alone with the “empty chair” feeling, but that doesn’t make your own circumstances less painful. I don’t have an easy fix, but I will share my thoughts and personal experience... Read more →

Dear ML: Your mom is basically healthy, and you get along well, so I’m happy for you. Both of these are significant blessings. I hope that her health holds out for a long time. Read more →