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These videos are short and to the point so choose the ones you want to watch from these links or go to the Egosancares YouTube channel for direct viewing. Let’s start with how to put them on and take them off: Read more →

The terms home care and in-home care are used to describe different types of services provided in the home. Additionally, state regulation and licensing entities follow certain definitions... Read more →

We knew Dad was wearing down. He didn’t have long to live, but did he have to be in such discomfort? I wanted him under hospice care, but the doctor was adamant that he still wasn’t ready... Read more →

I first came across the term care partner in conjunction with Alzheimer’s disease. This, at first glance, would seem to be the last place where this term fits. People with Alzheimer’s need someone to take over their lives, right? Read more →

I rushed to the nurse who was in charge of his floor at the nursing home. She explained they had called the doctor, but the doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong. The Physician's Assistant would visit Dad that day, on her rounds. Meanwhile, I was sickened by his agony and my inability to help him. I tried my best to comfort him but felt powerless... Read more →

For instance, if someone has cancer and they need emotional support, pain management, and stress relief they should be able to receive palliative care. In fact, palliative care began as a focus on helping cancer patients, though now it has been expanded... Read more →

Dad is now alone in this house. He gets even more "thrifty," and doesn't want anyone coming to mow the yard. He's a bit paranoid, and doesn't want to pay a housekeeper, so the place is filthy. Electrical outlets are old and overloaded. Plumbing barely works and doesn't get fixed. You try to help... Read more →

Being a caregiver can affect our marriages, our parenting, and our employment as well as other areas of our lives. We often are drawn into caregiving by love and compassion for our sick parents or spouse and our need to be there to support them. We feel stressed... Read more →

...then World War II broke out. During maneuvers in the Mojave Desert, Dad had passed out from the heat, hitting his head against the baked desert floor and sustaining a closed head injury. He was in a coma for months and had to relearn how to walk and talk. Fortunately, his rehabilitation was successful. He stayed in the army until the war ended but was kept stateside and trained as a sanitarian. Read more →

Yet, this company never rests on its past accomplishments. They’ve long recognized the challenge of nighttime incontinence so they’ve worked to develop the technology that can be a gamechanger for anyone who needs overnight incontinence protection... Read more →