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This is how it often happens: You see your parents a lot since you still live in the same community. So, when your mom falls and breaks her arm, of course, you rush to help. You assist your dad with making some adjustments around the house, and then, Read more →

Slowly, Mom's body was slipping into death. She was comatose. Her extremities were mottling and, though her heart kept beating, she was completely unresponsive. Beth and I kept vigil over the three-day period that Mom went through the final death process. We stayed with her, held her hand, talked with her. During this time, the nursing home staff tried their best to divert Mavis and keep her from... Read more →

While MIA siblings are the overwhelming norm, some families have very different experiences. This article offers a glimpse into another perspective on caregiving: that oft-maligned long-distance siblings may actually be excluded by primary caregivers... Read more →

...It is likely that they aren’t even aware of how their attitude affects others. No, their constant complaining and negativity—especially when it comes to the things you go out of your way to do for them—is not acceptable. However, it’s highly unlikely... Read more →

We Want to Keep Our Parents Safe but They May Need Some Risks for Their Mental Health

Joe’s mental health, his dignity, and his freedom to choose were far more valuable to him than his physical health, or even his life. When I’d explain that if he fell, he could lose all independence, he shrugged it off. I learned a lot from Joe, but the most important thing was that with dignity there often comes some risk. His story illustrates... Read more →

It's possible that the current economy may have helped spur on some of these entrepreneurial ventures. However, our aging population has also contributed to this growth. Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, businesses that specializes in, um, not specializing, are growing... Read more →

...This list is only a start, but avoiding or rewording these questions and statements may improve your caregiving partnership. Read more →

Our feelings of exhaustion and stress are valid, even if we feel guilty about them. Don’t add to your burden by beating yourself up over these thoughts. Instead of resigning yourself to feeling powerless or ashamed, learn how to take an active role in fighting caregiver burnout... Read more →

They’ve hopefully designated powers of attorney for both health care and finances, drawn up a will, and finalized any other legal documents and financial plans. It’s best if all siblings are aware of these preparations and all agree with what they entail. This is important... Read more →

They have a stellar list of podcasts for you to choose from but a recent entry is about my work. If you'd like to give it a listen, you can go to their podcast site... Read more →