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...moving Mom or Dad to assisted living or a nursing home because outside care is expensive. To make matters worse, they wholly oppose paying a fair wage to their siblings who have taken on the role of primary caregiver. Read more →

If you are like most family caregivers, you probably made a promise to your parent(s) years ago that you would never place them in a long-term care facility. You assured them that you would be the one to see to their care no matter what... Read more →

Please remember that I’m only providing information. Other than the Alzheimer’s stamp and the videos below, I’m not endorsing the products since I rarely do that, and I haven’t tried them. Read more →

The main steps for preparation include folding them sideways (Egosan has a blue line that shows you) to help make the “bowl” shape and gently twisting... Read more →

...“I know,” she’d answer solemnly. “He is in pain. We know him and can see it, but the doctor looks at his chart and says he sleeps so much that he can’t possibly be in pain. Read more →

Consumers also need to explore unique options that may be available to them, including special programs for the poor and for veterans. Some programs have age restrictions while others do not.// Read more →

Next, consider how well your parents have managed money in the past. Some could barely keep track of their checking accounts no matter their age. Others were whizzes. Most will fall in the middle. Understanding... Read more →

The idea that our parents who were our anchors in life becoming dependent on us can be frightening, so your reaction is understandable. You’re fortunate that your parents have been proactive about their legal work since that part is vital. Even... Read more →

Dear GW: You’re being an attentive adult child and your suggestion that your dad see his doctor is a good one. I’d give the doctor credit for taking the request seriously, though, and recognizing the fact ... Read more →

This is because her brain has left her unable to process information correctly, therefore her reality is most likely going to be different than your reality. For this reason, telling her that her incontinence pad is leaking and she needs to change will likely... Read more →