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Hiring in-home care for my neighbor, Joe, was an ordeal. The company we chose was fine and their caregivers were great, but the quality of care wasn't the issue. The problem was that Joe resented anyone but me helping him. He locked one caregiver out of his home. He let another in but was rude to her, He did thoroughly enjoy one young man but that was only because they could discuss golf together. Read more →

One of the diverse topics concerning aging is whether older people would prefer to update or remodel their current home — often referred to as aging in place — or look into assisted living. Many surveys, including one from AARP, indicate that most aging Americans would rather stay in their own homes. Read more →

But it's time now for something different. Dad's often confused and Mom's diabetes isn't being cared for properly. You are wondering, should they move in with you? Years back, having one or both parents move in with the family was relatively common. My grandmother moved in with our family when my brother and I were teens and our little sister was a toddler. My parents built a new home that could accommodate privacy for Grandma as well as a family with teenagers and a toddler. It worked. Read more →

When Tony Rovere was caring for his mother he felt lost when it came to finding resources for caregivers. Because of his experience, Tony eventually founded Stuff Seniors Need at The site is a terrific place to go if you want to find good cell phone plans for seniors, information about hearing aids or dentures, and information on most other products and services. Read more →

Your intention isn’t to take over their lives but you genuinely want to start the conversation about possible future changes. How do you do this without causing a backlash? Read more →

f we could control events, most of us would never want our elders to be so sick that they need the care of a nursing home, especially homes that are still operating in the dark ages, as some of them still are. Read more →

Dear Carol: I’ve hired an in-home care agency to have a caregiver spend six hours a day with my mother. Mom doesn’t need a lot of care except for bathing, occasional bathroom issues, supervision for her meals and pills and some companionship. The caregiver will take Mom out shopping, as well, but this still leaves a lot of time for the hired caregiver to just sit around and talk with Mom, or read if Mom is napping. Read more →

When I see some of the newer mobility aids now in in use, I immediately think, “I wish that had been available for my mom.” My mother was happy enough to have what was available at the time, but her options then were a basic cane and later, a stripped-down walker which I did my best to modify so that she could carry things with her. Fortunately, there are many more choices on the market now. Read more →