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...palliative care began as a focus on helping cancer patients, though now it has been expanded to help in many other circumstances, often even in the later stages of dementia. Read more →

...From there, Maureen went on to the topic of caregiver self-care. I told her that we go into caregiving - often just gradually providing a little care here and there - thinking this is short-term. For most people, the caregiving tasks increase and last much longer than anticipated. I now know that I should have taken better care of myself from the start but as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. Read more →

...incontinence due to menopause would likely begin as only a slightly elevated risk of occasional leaking, especially when coughing, sneezing, or laughing. As time goes on, though, incontinence can become a more routine concern. Kegels are a physical exercise where a person consciously tightens and releases Read more →

...Oftentimes, an aging parent is still cognitively sharp but their days lack outside interaction and structure, therefore they come to rely on their primary caregiver for all of their socialization. Spending a few days each week at a senior center could Read more →

...This is admirable yet unrealistic thinking. Recent research shows that the average duration of caregiving is a whopping 4.5 years. As time goes by and our loved ones’ care needs mount, we find ourselves spread thinner and thinner. Eventually, we are forced to admit that we can’t raise our families, work our jobs, care for ourselves and provide full-time hands-on care over the long term. So, we regretfully start looking into other options. They need more care than we can single-handedly provide, so we start by making some kind of change to their care plan such as hiring in-home care or enrolling them in adult day care. Read more →

...Prostate cancer is common among American men. Your chance of getting prostate cancer may be affected by a number of things including your age, genetics, family history, and diet. Therefore, your doctor will ask about any past medical problems as well as your family’s medical history. The physician will perform Read more →

..."The facility would contact me when they needed more supplies and I’d try to find the best products I could online, yet the name brands we tried were unsatisfactory. “Because of online work for my existing business, I instinctively researched manufacturers Read more →

...Again, no one, including the NIH, is suggesting that people should not take the potentially life-saving drugs listed. They are simply encouraging older adults, or caregivers of older adults, to make it routine Read more →

...The pressure of shoes on sore or twisted joints can force even people who once had narrow feet into sandals year around. This happened to my mother, and I’ll attest that it was a nightmare in our cold climate. Yet buying her regular shoes with a wide toe made them too Read more →

...Judy’s situation is an example of what many of us face. She’s likely right that her mom would be safer if she had someone checking on her regularly. Also, depending on her mom’s personality, Judy’s mom might be happier with the easy availability of companionship that assisted living offers. Why the resistance? Read more →