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We knew Dad was wearing down. He didn’t have long to live, but did he have to be in such discomfort? I wanted him under hospice care, but the doctor was adamant that he still wasn’t ready... Read more →

I first came across the term care partner in conjunction with Alzheimer’s disease. This, at first glance, would seem to be the last place where this term fits. People with Alzheimer’s need someone to take over their lives, right? Read more →

Be sensitive to how they are feeling and ask from time to time if they have had enough or they want to stop and rest. Your effort to help brighten their day could have a big payoff or simply be a diversion. It doesn’t matter... Read more →

“I underwent a radical prostatectomy in April 2015 at age 60. This was with the now old-fashioned open surgery because I had had bilateral hernia repair with plastic mesh in 2005 and that made use of robot-assisted Read more →

No, you couldn’t know this was your future. You’d simply offered to pick up his groceries that day. Yet, this fateful decision made you what you’ve become: a caregiver for multiple aging loved ones... Read more →

...Older adults who develop incontinence grew up in an era where toilet training occurred early and was often associated with deep shame should a child “fail.” Therefore, older adults may understand that they can’t help the fact Read more →

"I may not always understand the meaning of your words but I know what you are saying. I can read your jerky body language, the impatient tone of your voice, and your irritated facial expressions. Although you may tell me..." Read more →

...Still, we are human and we make mistakes. While we shouldn’t wallow in guilt when we do make mistakes as a care partner, there are situations that we should try extra hard to avoid. Here are nine of them. Read more →

While doctors will tell people that there are medications, treatments, and devices that will take care of incontinence problems for most people, many of these younger people will attest to the fact that this isn’t the case for everyone. Read more →

Interwoven with the elders’ needs, I’d take my kids to school in some semblance of order and would be back at the school in time to pick them up. So I could start all over again... Read more →