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Dear LD: My heart is with you. I've been where you are and that feeling of helplessness is awful. You probably check many of these regularly but here are some ideas. See if he seems too cold or overly heated. Try to tempt him... Read more →

f incontinence is part of your daily caregiving life, know that you’re not alone. It affects 25 million Americans—men and women alike—and 200 million worldwide (according to the... Read more →

The “Empowered Caregiver” is specifically designed to provide you with strategies and solutions for caring for your older parents in ways that can significantly reduce your own stress. Fodrini-Johnson begins with the all-important basics such as safety concerns and navigating legal issues. From there, she moves forward to assist you... Read more →

The lack of the ability to articulate pain has been the reason that false conclusions have been drawn through the years. My own experience with people who have had cognitive impairment has shown me that caregivers and medical provides need to pay attention to the body language of the person... Read more →

The ADvance II Study for mild Alzheimer’s disease is now enrolling patients. Study-related memory tests, physician exams,​ and laboratory tests will be provided at no cost. The surgery and device costs are approved for coverage by Medicare. Subjects will receive a stipend and be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with each study visit. Learn more... Read more →

It’s vital to be aware of any type of side effect, especially when taking multiple medications. If a new medication is introduced, new side effects may occur. Seniors may be tempted to dismiss a feeling of sleepiness, stomach upsets, or other issues, as related to something else... Read more →

Then there's the other side. Many seniors are living in the same home they raised their children in. These homes are modest but worked well for raising their family and even for the early empty nest years. Often, however, they are two-story cottages, with the bedrooms and the only bathroom up a long flight of stairs... Read more →

There are, of course, other reasons that your mom has started falling frequently. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can have a significant effect on an older person even if there is no reported pain. These effects can range from confusion to, yes, increased falling. For this reason... Read more →

Dear LW: It’s sad that your mom had to make this choice, but she knows her own mind, and yes, her decision should be honored. In the first place, her choice is a valid approach to end-of-life care. Additionally, this decision is between your mom, her doctors, her clergy... Read more →

Most aging people have some of these issues. It’s a matter of degree. A diagnosis is required to determine if AD or another type of dementia is present. Also, people can display symptoms that appear to be dementia of some type, but may be caused by something else, such as medications... Read more →