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...While my sons didn’t find the prospect of my death fun to talk about, they dutifully listened to the details of the plan I had created and where they could find these important papers should they need them. Regardless of who wishes to avoid end-of-life conversations, they must take place. Read more →

... However, the meaning behind the phrase is that you will provide your loved ones with the best care possible under the circumstances that they - and you - face. That, my friends, is the spirit of the promise that you made. Read more →

...Were my elders always thrilled about being in a nursing home? No. However, they did benefit in many ways, and frankly there was no alternative choice. I'm simply grateful Read more →

...I’m a strong believer in families being realistic. Your parents should have a Power of Attorney for health care with a health directive or living will. This is the document where people assign someone else to make decisions for them should they become unable to do so. They should Read more →

...palliative care began as a focus on helping cancer patients, though now it has been expanded to help in many other circumstances, often even in the later stages of dementia. Read more →

...A tale of two elders ...Years ago, I became the primary caregiver for an elderly neighbor, Joe, who was 100 percent deaf and was losing his eyesight. Joe's only son lived across the country. Joe was one of those people who would not have thrived in assisted living Read more →

...People who post this type of advice mean well. Perhaps, they live in a locale where nursing homes are truly neglectful, whether due to lack of funding, lack of staffing, or both. Or they may have seen or heard about poor facility care Read more →

...After four or five decades in this small home, the place is packed with memories as well as junk. Then, one spouse - let's say Mom - dies. Dad is now alone in this house. He gets even more "thrifty," and doesn't want anyone coming to mow the yard. He's a bit paranoid,  Read more →

...Again, no one, including the NIH, is suggesting that people should not take the potentially life-saving drugs listed. They are simply encouraging older adults, or caregivers of older adults, to make it routine Read more →

...I recently read of an experiment at the Parker Jewish Institute in New Hyde Park, N.Y. It began when a certified nursing assistant found that she was able to calm a person with Alzheimer's who wandered nightly simply by inviting him to sit down with her for a cup of coffee and a snack. After his snack, Read more →