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Short-term memory loss makes it impossible for dementia patients to remember what they just said, so they say it again and again and again. Anyone who has been in this situation will tell you that there’s a limit to how many times you can muster a genuine response. It’s enough to drive a person mad. So, Read more →

Photo credit Mathias Konrath Incontinence is a condition that is often difficult for a person to accept and deal with.... Read more →

Dear LF: First things first. You are not failing. Dementia care is hard, and even the most determinedly positive person will have days when finding something to feel positive about is out of reach. Try not to be so hard on yourself. While a positive attitude overall Read more →

...For a while, my mom's disease consisted of minor memory loss, and she was able to be a fairly active part of my dad's care team after his surgery left him demented. However, as is to be expected, her condition worsened and I was soon coping with both of my parents' odd and forgetful behaviors. For example, their wedding anniversary was the day after Christmas. I would always bring to Read more →

Caregiving decisions are nearly always a matter of trade-offs. Balancing the benefits and risks of each scenario and then finally deciding — often through our tears — that this (whatever “this” might be) is what must be done. ...And, there’s the rub: Read more →

Dear CH: My heart is with you and your brother. Making decisions that affect a parent living with dementia often causes conflict between well-meaning family members. Let me commend you both for remembering that respect is vital to good caregiving. The conflict arises when Read more →