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In my experience, I’ve found that it isn’t always seniors who avoid talking about death. Some do, of course, but many of our aging loved ones would like to discuss the legal and financial arrangements they’ve made, as well as their preferences for end-of-life care... Read more →

...The main decision most beneficiaries will have to make is whether they should enroll in Medicare Advantage or stay in Original Medicare and purchase gap coverage (i.e., a Medicare Supplement or ‘Medigap’) plan when it comes to their hospital and medical costs. There are two advantages and two disadvantages of Medicare Advantage plans, compared to Medicare Supplement plans... Read more →

Dear EL: This is the right move for both your mom and your grandma. It sounds like you are helping but few women your mom’s age can safely care for a much older adult long-term. Your grandma’s personality sounds difficult to live with though even a positive person can feel negative Read more →

For most of us, the feeling is less about how large or fancy a residence is than about it being a place where we feel safe and where we have created countless memories with those closest to us. Furthermore, we fill our homes with things we enjoy and belongings that remind us of loved ones and good times. Read more →

Changes in caregiving methods are difficult. They generally include additional help in some way, whether paid or offered by family members. If a caregiver is even close to burnout... Read more →

At that time, I had several other elders to care for as well as a son with chronic health problems. I didn’t have the time or energy to think of myself very often. Now, I look back and see that I didn’t do myself any favors. If I had a good friend going through what I experienced, I would offer them all the help I could. I would recognize... Read more →

Research now reveals that AD begins years, if not decades, before the onset of noticeable symptoms. Genetic research and much more sophisticated medical science will no doubt make this an important and focused area of study as we march into the future, searching for a cure. But, for now, most of us will never know if we are in the earliest stages... Read more →

... Although it may become increasingly difficult or impossible to engage in two-way communication as we age, our desire for interpersonal connections remains. Read more →

Dear WL: I’m sure your support means the world to your sister. Being thought an impostor by her husband is devastating, of course, but his anger and threats of violence are also big concerns. First, suggest that she consider new medications, especially... Read more →

f incontinence is part of your daily caregiving life, know that you’re not alone. It affects 25 million Americans—men and women alike—and 200 million worldwide (according to the... Read more →