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If we were proactive, we’ve already discussed the choices for living arrangements our loved ones would have made for themselves under differing circumstances, Read more →

...But, some skilled nursing facilities have changed in recent years and are continuing to improve the care they provide. Personalized, resident-centered care has gained traction in most high-quality nursing homes and replaced the outdated one-size-fits-all approach. Read more →

This is admirable thinking. However, as years go by and care needs mount, we find ourselves faced with the fact that we can’t raise our families, work our jobs and provide full-time hands-on care year-round. Read more →

But I will back up a bit. The administrator answered the letter kindly and talked with us all. He told us that the man had been warned to be more careful, and he was temporarily moved to a different floor. But the administrator did say he wished we'd talked with him before we wrote the letter. Read more →

Dear LR: You sound like a caring daughter who is concerned about all aspects of her mom’s care which is wonderful. Granted, the quality of her care, in general, is going to be your major concern Read more →

A bedsore is one type of pressure sore. It is the common non-medical term used by many people for a pressure sore that has occurred due to prolonged time in bed, lying in the same position. Read more →

Many people have heard of hospice care but they mistakenly think that it’s just a way to help cancer patients be more comfortable at the end of their lives. Fewer people have heard of palliative care, Read more →

The people we love and care for often reach a point where we can no longer be sole care providers and we need to look at options. This is painful because up to this point we’ve likely been partners in their care Read more →

Dear Carol: My mom is just 62 but she began showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s four years ago. She lives in a good nursing home and I visit nearly every day. What’s bothering me is Mother’s Day. I know that the nursing home will do a nice job Read more →