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Your loved one will sense that you are angry, tense or frustrated from how you move and the way you assist with dressing, feeding or changing a pad. If you are tense or angry, take a moment alone, out... Read more →

One strong point of almost everyone’s personality, is whether or not independence or safety is of primary importance. Some elders feel better when everything is extra safe, while others would rather take some risk Read more →

There's a new nursing home only a mile from where you live. It's a spacious, cheerful building and you've heard good things about it. You think of putting your mother on the waiting list so that she could have professional care and you... Read more →

When caregiving mode begins, the first things to go are the time, energy and desire to maintain social connections. Even close friendships that go back years can seem like yet another item on a caregiver’s never-ending to-do list. Read more →

I cared for multiple elders, juggling their needs along with those of young children of my own. Those were some pretty crazy times. I felt driven to give each person the best care humanly possible. To do so meant that many of my elders lived their last months or years in a nursing home. Read more →

Observe the staff. Note how the members of the staff interact with one another. Is there respect shown between them regardless of their job? When I saw how well the staff members interacted at the facility where my loved ones lived... Read more →

Dear KG: I’m sorry about your mom. I can only imagine how horrible it was for your family not to be able to have friends and family surround her as has been traditional in the past. Normally, I would say that I believe that most people mean well but they just haven’t developed the common sense and skill necessary... Read more →

Shortly after Joe passed, my aunt and uncle moved from Virginia to North Dakota to be near us, their only family. Then my parents and in-laws began having health troubles. In all, I cared for seven elders over the span of two decades. During that time, I was also busy raising two kids, one of whom had multiple health problems. Read more →

... Still, this is an important question to ask. Even the best employees who dearly love their residents can only do so much. If they are run ragged trying to answer call lights, they are likely hard pressed to provide excellent care overall. Read more →