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Dear LR: You sound like a caring daughter who is concerned about all aspects of her mom’s care, which is wonderful. Granted, the quality of her care, in general, is going to be your major concern, but what people call us often mirrors how they treat us. Read more →

Dear KL: I understand what you’re saying and applaud you for thinking of your children ahead of time. Throughout the years, I’ve heard from caregivers who’ve lost a great deal both financially and emotionally due to caregiving responsibilities. Read more →

If we were proactive, we’ve already discussed the choices for living arrangements our loved ones would have made for themselves under differing circumstances, however many people haven’t done this. Read more →

...None of these factors stop families from celebrating, though, and they shouldn’t. It’s just that we tend to carry memories of holidays past close to our hearts. We place a lot of pressure on ourselves to meet or exceed these high expectations, especially for the enjoyment of our youngsters and elders. Read more →

Dear CL: Of course you are burned out. Nearly anyone would be under these circumstances. Looking for a different living arrangement for your mom makes complete sense. Such a change could help you regain a feeling of having some control over your own life, Read more →

As the holiday season ramps up, it’s important to remember that your presence and attention are the most valuable gifts you can give. That, and helping your elders to feel included in whatever ways they can participate. Read more →

Dear LD: I sympathize with you and your brother. My sister, Beth, and I have been through this with several elders so I do understand how emotional this is. Read more →

Often, the safety of both the care receiver and the caregiver is the ultimate decider. If you’ve reached a point that you can no longer transfer your loved one to bed... Read more →

Nearly everyone who enters a nursing home to live goes through a period of adjustment. Why wouldn't they? They've had to leave their home, or at least their most recent one. Read more →